Somatic Disorder
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The causes of somatic disorder are really unknown and unexplainable because they are something which are yet to be discovered and talked about on a lot. People have been trying to know more about this disorder through research and analyze the true facts but most of it is still unclear and under debate.

This disease is basically a condition in which the body is prone to getting pain and uncomfortable feelings without having a considerable or specific area that is must be said to be coming from.

Causes of somatic disorder

There is said to be a misconnection between mind and body without a proper configuration and getting to work on the right path. The major causes and reasons behind somatic disorder could be broadly classified into three categories and they are further explained as follows.

The first and the most talked about issues when it comes to somatic disorder is the body’s own defense mechanism to the physiological and neurological forms of stress. According to multiple theories and explanations, there is a limit to which the mind could take of the stress and overwhelming things that are going on in a person’s life.

If that particular amount increases, it could cause potential damage and strain to the body which is not healthy at all. Getting to think about a lot of things and working on several tasks at the same time is going to make your brain function excessively and more than it should.

When the nervous activity gets malfunctioned there are going to be imbalances between the digestive, reproductive and several other adjoining systems of the body that you think are probably not working according to what they should be like.

The immune system is also imbalanced with the somatic disorder and irritable bowel syndrome is a characteristic feature of the plot. Depression could be a signifying sign in females in comparison with the males which is why you could easily identify the issue. Physical symptoms of anxiety and depression can cause somatic disease.

Internal hypersensitivity to the pain of all kinds is another major cause and reason for this disease. In some people there is a sensation of all kinds of feelings approachable more than the others.

They could feel the pain and discomfort in their body of within smaller and negligible intensity as well which could lead to somatic disorder readily. Overwhelmed fears and thoughts could also lead to this problem which contributes to panic disorder too.

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